The Secret To Turning Your Clients Into Forever Fanatics

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How would you feel if you knew your ideal client so well you were in a relationship with them before you ever exchanged business? Pretty powerful, right! Marketing at its core, is the place where successful companies are made, and asking one specific question can be a great first step to getting you and your prospect aligned and moving toward closing the sale. Are you ready for that question?
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Frequency Is Your Friend

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When it comes to marketing, frequency is your friend. What do I mean by this? Remember, marketing is about engagement. If you see a guy you like at the dance you don’t just walk by him once, you find ways to be near him all night long. You make eye contact across the room. A lot, right! Marketing is about getting your prospect’s attention. Marketing is about timing. Marketing is about frequency.

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Accountability: Your Path to Success

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effective-marketing-strategiesWe talk about accountability, but what does it really mean? Accountability is a key area of difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and an employee mindset. Accountability is a key area of difference between a successful business owner and a struggling business owner. So how does accountability make you successful? Continue reading