4 Simple Steps to Creating a Clear Marketing Message

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Clear Marketing Message

Your marketing message is a part of everything you do to promote your business. When it isn’t clear it creates a lot of problems for your marketing activity, and your business. A poorly created marketing message, or a misdirected marketing message, will make any marketing activity you try ineffective. It will waste your money, time and effort. It will wreak havoc on your business, and might even cause your business to fail.

So, your marketing message is important. Really important.

Before I continue, do you know what your marketing message is? Many business owners think their marketing message is a description of what they do. But, it’s not. A good marketing message follows through the thought and tells the world what you do “for your customer”! In order words, what’s in it for them?

Your marketing message tells your prospects how you, and only you, solve their problem. As memorable as your tagline or slogan might be, it’s neither of these. It’s your secret sauce, the thing that makes you different from anyone else in your competitive space. It should be recognizable, compelling, and relative. It needs to be in a language your prospects understand. As your prospects hear it, they need to be thinking, “You’re talking to me!”

When do you create your marketing message? It’s created in the branding phase of your business development. As you’re answering the questions about your business, and identifying your target audience, you’re addressing the hot buttons of your ideal target. You’re formulating your brand. As a person. As a company. Your marketing message is a part of your branding.

You may do feasibility studies, or other research to learn about your prospects. And, the more precise you can be about what they need, what they fear, and what they worry about, the more effective a marketing message you’ll create.

Understanding these four things will give you everything you need to create an effective, compelling and unique brand message. And, that is the first step to building awareness of your business, and inspiring your prospects to action.

  • What makes you, and your business, truly unique? What is your specific expertise, proprietary process or approach? What is the reason you got into business in the first place? What do you plan to accomplish? How are you different from everyone else in your competitive space?
  • Who is your real primary ideal target audience? This is where you get very specific and identify the absolute best person you can help. What is her specific challenge? What keeps her up at night? What does she need? What does she want? Why does she need what you have to offer?
  • How well do you know your prospect? Do you speak in her voice? Her ideal language? What are the words and phrases that perk up her ears and get her to listen to you? How does she describe her challenge? Don’t put words into her mouth, or assume she has a problem she doesn’t think she has. Use her words and phrases to create your compelling argument.
  • How much of your own voice are you using? Are you provocative? Does your message reflect your personality? Be you. In a way that clearly positions you at the solution to her challenge.

Now, the good news. Most business owners don’t have an effective marketing message. Imagine what your prospects will think when you’re actually able to communicate who you are and what you do for your prospect, and create it in a language they understand? Of course, you still need to create marketing activity that will help your prospect find you and compel them to action, but the right marketing message will improve your marketing activity, and speed up success!

Popular marketing activity changes frequently, but once you develop your marketing message it can evolve as your business evolves. It should be consistent and intentional in all of your marketing activity so it really is the first step to developing an effective and strategic marketing plan. And, a thriving business. To your SWEET success!

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