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“Relationship Marketing: A Marketing Strategy for Every Customer-Focused Business” – Listen to tips about relationship marketing for your business.
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"Abigail you are awesome! You make my juices flow again and give me confidence that I can make this company work. Your guidance will guide me through the rough edges of running my business and making it successful. You present your strategies in a calm, easy manner and you make it comfortable for business women to feel that what they need to do to run a company that makes a profit is very manageable." Joyann Levitt,

“I know there’s a better way to run my company, but I don’t know who to turn to or where to turn to figure it all out.”

"I really was reenergized and am focusing on what deserves my time. This is my 3rd year with SeaDreams Travel and this will be the year I make a profit!! I know what I need to do, as I have done it many times, but it is just that special person like you that makes me do it NOW. Thanks!" Geraldine Augustine,

“I’ve proudly created my product/service with strategic precision, but for the rest of my company tasks, I just do what I can.”

"Before attending Abigail’s workshop I was stuck. Trying to find my “path,” I took workshops, hired business coaches and bought lots of self-help books which really didn’t bring me the results I needed. With Abigail’s guidance, I finally figured out my weak points. I have since implemented small, yet powerful strategies hitting the “sweetspot” of my business. Abigail has a special combination of talents: frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, and marketing/business genius. Who else can read exactly what’s going on with you, push you in the right direction, and teach you which strategies to implement for your business to succeed?" Doris Eggens,

"I feel like I’m being asked to do new things (like marketing) but I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do or when or …"

If you’ve ever made any of these statements, then you are in the right place! Sweetspot Strategies, Inc. is in the business of working with entrepreneurs to help them find their sweetspot and create thriving businesses. We appreciate the unique talents entrepreneurs have, especially for their specific craft. We understand that most businesses run by entrepreneurs are great at what they offer but not so great at actually running a successful business because they may lack the knowledge, talent and passion in the various business functions required to create a flowing, productive company.