“I know there’s a better way to run my company, but I don’t know who to turn to or where to turn to figure it all out.”

“I have specific challenges, but I’m unsure how to get to the actual root of the issue. I sometimes fix the problem, but don’t solve it.”

“I believe in the value of long term business planning but I can’t find the time or resources to get a session organized.”

“I’ve proudly created my product/service with strategic precision, but for the rest of my company tasks, I just do what I can.”

“I feel like I’m being asked to do new things (like marketing) but I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do or when or …”

If you’ve ever made any of these statements, then you are in the right place! Sweetspot Strategies, Inc. is in the business of working with entrepreneurs to help them find their sweetspot and create thriving businesses. We appreciate the unique talents entrepreneurs have, especially for their specific craft. We understand that most businesses run by entrepreneurs are great at what they offer but not so great at actually running a successful business because they may lack the knowledge, talent and passion in the various business functions required to create a flowing, productive company.