Are You Ready for the NEW Marketing 3.0?

Build Relationships ~ Create Experiences ~ Earn Trust

  • Have you thought lately, “I wish I knew what to do to get more clients?”
  • Are you tired of not getting results from your marketing efforts, and are ready for someone to show you exactly what WILL work?

Welcome to Sweetspot Strategies, the experts in Marketing 3.0!

Marketing 3.0 is what works now in today’s business world, and it’s the only way to have success with your marketing program.

Marketing strategies are constantly changing, and the changes come fast and furious. The one constant about marketing you can always rely on, however, is that if you don’t do it, your business will fail.

Enter Marketing 3.0

What is Marketing 3.0?

Marketing 3.0 is about building relationships, creating experiences, and earning the trust of your customer. When this happens customers come looking for you instead of you hunting for them. Wouldn’t that be great!

When marketing is done correctly, it brings more customers more quickly, and makes you a happy business owner! Good marketing frees you to do the things you love so that you can spend time in the sweetspot of your business.

Marketing 3.0 achieves the following results:

  • Building Relationships
  • Creating Experiences
  • Earning Trust

If your marketing isn’t doing this, you are probably struggling.

Why Marketing 3.0?

Marketing 1.0 was the marketing most of us grew up with; traditional advertising using print, broadcast and outdoor media. The Internet changed everything and business owners were implementing the next generation of marketing platforms, or Marketing 2.0.

Now, Marketing 3.0 takes the best of the traditional offline media and adds the right combination of online media based on your unique and specific marketing needs!

What if different marketing created a different business?

Marketing 1.0 filled a need. Marketing 2.0 satisfied a want. And, Marketing 3.0 transforms a desire into an experience that creates Forever FanaticsTM.

Marketing 3.0 is the next evolution of strategic-based marketing, and it works because it’s focused on building relationships, creating experiences, and earning trust so that you, the business owner, gets to success faster!

Marketing 3.0 helps you to:

  • Close gaps in your marketing so you have more time to focus on your business instead of in your business
  • Create marketing activity that is prospect-focused and designed to engage, compel and get them to YES more quickly
  • Execute better marketing programs because they are targeted, specific, and effective
  • Achieve more sales and create more happy customers



If you’re tired of being the best kept secret in town, and you know that people would love to work with you, if only they could only find you then, you are in the right place! I want to help you get started creating your own Marketing 3.0 strategies so you build your business quickly, easily, and without feeling like you have to have a full time marketing job.

To get you started with identifying your potential gaps so we can help you get the right Marketing 3.0 strategy for your business, I invite you take advantage of my FREE Gift, “99 Sweet Ways to Discover New Clients” Idea Sheet! Just scroll up and look for the pink box to the right!

To your SWEET Success!